The Matterport Difference

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I just recently listed a house and we received an offer from a couple from Arizona.  Nothing out of the ordinary except the fact that couple never actual physically stepped foot on the property before they made an offer!

The reason why the couple could make the offer was the Mattterport 3D virtual tour that was done for the house.  This allowed the couple to tour the property, thousands of miles of away, and have the confidence that this was the property they wanted.

This is why, at Maximo Properties LLC, we include the Matterport 3D virtual tour in all of  our listings.  We want to provide our home sellers with all the tools, so they can reach the greatest potential of home buyers, from buyers a couple of blocks away to buyers thousands of miles away.

In addition, we don’t charge extra for the Matterport 3D virtual tour because we understand that for every dollar we charge the home seller, is less money that the home seller eventually walks away with.



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